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Virtual Exhibitions

Welcome to the Department of Religion Virtual Exhibitions.

Here is a link to Myron McGhee's photographs of Tibetan Buddhist monks constructing a sand mandala at Emory's Carlos Museum in February 2012:

The Mind’s Eye: A photographic exhibit of Tibetan monks painting sand mandalas by Myron McGhee

"The Mind's Eye" exhibition (co-sponsored by the Department) was held at various venues around campus during Spring 2012. Curator Juana McGhee said:

    This year's mandala was distinctive for a number of reasons:

    • the mandala was much larger than others created at the university in prior years
    • the process required work over a 14 day period (rather than the typical 5 days)
    • the Carlos Museum gallery provided a dramatic setting


Below you will find links to various exhibitions developed by our faculty from their research projects. Please visit us from time to time to find new exhibitions.

Pilgrimage to Yamunotri

Delhi: The Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, a Muslim Saint's Shrine in Delhi (3 minutes)

Hardwar: Evening Devotions to the Goddess/River Ganga Ma, worship in the Hindu tradition (5 minutes)

Delhi: Gurudwara Bangla Saheb, worship in the Sikh tradition (4 minutes)


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