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The Tapestry of Early Christian Discourse: Rhetoric, Society and Ideology

In this original study, Vernon Robbins expounds and develops his system of socio-rhetorical criticism, bringing together social-scientific and literary-critical approaches to explore early Christianity. Denying that there is only one valid way of interpretation, this book investigates Christianity as a cultural phenomenon, and treats its canonical texts as ideological constructs. Robbins' approach opens new doors not only for students of the Bible, but also for those interested in new theories and applications of textual interpretation.

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The Tapestry of Early Christian Discourse may be ordered at, AddALL

Chapter 1: "The Challenge of Socio-Rhetorical Criticism"
Chapter 2: "Redrawing the Boundaries with Socio-Rhetorical Criticism"

New Testament scholars, and interpreters of the Bible in general, ought to be glad of this book ... Robbins has now written an extremely significant new book offering a method whose entire vision is shot through with the belief that things can be different ... Robbins' work constitutes a significant turning point in biblical studies and the sooner it is reckoned with, the better. — Stephen W. Need, Reviews in Religion and Theology