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James D. Hester and J. David Hester, eds.
Rhetorics and Hermeneutics: Wilhelm Wuellner and His Influence

Contemporary rhetorical approaches to the biblical text are due in no small measure to the innovative and profound work of the late Professor Wilhelm Wuellner. In this volume of essays, students and colleagues of Wuellner pay tribute to Wuellner's groundbreaking work through a series of stimulating essays exploring the sublime and spiritual healing power of rhetorics in New Testament texts. Following the model of Wuellner's final essay, which is contained in this volume, these essays also reflect Wuellner's own approach to the texts, an approach of both unfeigned humility and scholarly excellence. — L. Gregory Bloomquist, Professor, Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University

Rhetorics and Hermeneutics is a fitting tribute to the vision of Wilhelm Wuellner. The essays respond admirably to Wuellner's persistent urging that rhetorical criticism be interdisciplinary and take full advantage of modern rhetoric and related fields of study. The essays are a welcome advance in our understanding of the interplay between rhetoric and hermeneutics. They clearly demonstrate that rhetorical criticism has come of age! — Duane F. Watson, Professor of New Testament Studies, Malone College

Emory Studies in Early Christianity 9 available at, AddALL.

Cover design is an adaptation of Rick A. Robbins, Mixed Media 1981

Rick A. Robbins: Neo-Abstract Expressionism, Figurative Abstract and Color Field Artist

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